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At The SMP Lounge, we offer Scalp Micropigmentation to help you achieve the look you want, providing you with a natural-looking head of hair and boosting your confidence. If you are considering Scalp Micropigmentation, be sure to check out our reviews! We have helped a ton of people regain their confidence and provided them with results they love. See what they say about The SMP Lounge and schedule a free consultation today!

Life Changing Experiance!

"Like many other guys out there I started losing my hair at a very young age which made me look a lot older than I was. I tried everything on the market from creams to medicine and even tried the popular “hair system” that didn’t work at all because I sweat a lot as I work outdoors year around in the construction field. The “hair system” although looked good when first applied would come loose and start to separate from the scalp! Horrible experience! I was more self-conscious about it than the hair loss itself.

I started searching for other alternatives online and when I came across Scalp Micro Pigmentation, I knew I had found the solution I was looking for as I always kept my hair cut short and even started shaving my head anyway.

The final and third procedure was more than I could have hoped for and when I returned home people didn’t and don't even know I had anything done. They would say" you look younger" and with a "full head of hair why do you shave your head?" It has been fantastic and a great feeling!

If you are considering have this done I would highly recommend going to The SMP Lounge, as he is truly the best in the business and not to mention he had the procedure done himself so he related to me. Overall GREAT experience"

- Brian A

I Should have had smp done sooner. .

"Going here and having Scalp Micro Pigmentation done FINALLY, has been the best decision I have ever made and the best gift I could give myself. As soon I walked in The Lounge I instantly knew I was at the right place. Once I met the specialist (Who has the procedure done himself) and had an initial consultation, he educated me, more than I already knew about hair loss and the SMP procedure itself, he also let me know everything to expect while moving forward. We worked together to come up with the PERFECT hairline. After the first session I enjoyed the results immediately. The aftercare was easy to follow. I had two more procedures after, and by the end of it i couldn't believe the results. This has completely changed my life. The experience was extremely enjoyable, comfortable and life changing. He was so professional and honestly he has to be best specialist out there no doubt!! If you are suffering from hair loss or looking to get Scalp Micro Pigmentation just stop, and look no further, The SMP Lounge is A MUST. "

- Nick Campbell


By far the greatest investment I’ve ever made in my life. I’m done with trying to conceal my hair loss. I’ve regained my confidence and threw away the things that claim to “regrow” hair. Ryan Simon is an absolute professional. He makes you feel comfortable and makes an honest effort to make sure that it’s your time and that he’s in no rush. He kept reassuring to trust the process and now I’m glad that I listened.

- Mike le