Why Choose The SMP Lounge?

Why Choose The SMP Lounge?

At The SMP Lounge, we offer the best high quality, realistic scalp micropigmentation in Ohio. We use natural, medical-grade pigment and our specialized techniques to provide each client with the results they are looking for. At The SMP lounge we help you regain your confidence and look with scalp micropigmentation. Get ready to feel and look better than ever.


We Are Professional, Experienced and Love This Industry.

We strive to provide a professional, discrete, comfortable, and relaxing experience, while providing you with the highest quality and most realistic Scalp Micropigmentation results possible. We work with each client to specially and specifically provide each client with the hairline and look they desire, to ensure each client leaves our building feeling confident and happy with the new look. We want you to love your new look and we will do everything we can to help make that happen. We take so much pride in changing people's life one scalp at a time.


Quality Customer Service

We have been apart of this industry for years, and we understand the needs and wants of our clients. We work extremely hard to stay at the top of the industry by staying educated and experienced with the most updated tools, machinery and pigments. We work hard every day to make sure we are getting the best results for our clients, while providing them with top quality customer service and experience. Our goal is for each client who walks through our doors, is to leave happy and confident about their new, natural results while knowing they look good!

Close up of a person getting micropigmentation

Hair Follicle Replication

We are able to create actual replicas of hair follicles and micro hairs. Hair follicle replication is a detailed process in which each hair follicle must be considered as an individual task. The process of implanting specific pigments exactly in the upper dermal level of the scalp is completed with a specialized technique to produce a natural looking hairline, on the sides, front and back. Ware specially trained in the art and science of performing Scalp Micropigmentation. Leave with a natural and permanent solution that camouflages hair loss, adds density and even covers scars with zero down time.


Perfect Hairline Design

One of the biggest starting factors before the procedure starts is detailing and creating the hairline. Each client has different ideas and desires when it comes to the hairline. We have the experience that our clients need, to help direct, advice and execute the perfect hairline for each and every client. We understand our client needs, we spend time on this step to ensure the PERFECT RESULTS.

At The SMP Lounge you will receive expertise, experience and knowledge you need when it comes to Scalp Micropigmentation. We are dedicated to helping you regain your confidence with the best Scalp Micropigmentation results in Ohio.

Contact us today to learn how we can help provide the solution you have been looking for!